Unconventionally Conventional: A Leap From Theaters To Online Movies

Gone are the days when we had to drive to the cinema halls and wait in queues for our tickets to watch movies. Online movies weren’t very prevalent a couple of years back as they are today. Advancements in technology have brought cinematic content to our fingertips. Watching movies is one of the most popular ways of recreation activities. Regardless of where one watches a movie, they are always enjoyable and exciting.

Lockdown: The bleeding edge OTT’s needed:

The covid-19 pandemic has led to significant lifestyle changes in our lives. Being forced to stay at home during lockdowns gave a boost to many OTT platforms. An OTT(over-the-top) media service is a media service that offers television and film content to the viewers via the internet. With more and more subscriptions coming in each week, these platforms acquired rights to more and more movies. Thus users got access to a wide range of content. OTT’s offer better user control and freedom.

The convenience factor:

The level of comfort when watching a movie online at home is way higher than in a theater. Online movies offer flexible timings, places, viewing options, and body postures to the viewers. They also enable the viewers to pause, rewind, skip or fast forward at any point in the movie. The viewers get the freedom to use their earphone devices to watch their favorite movies in privacy without disturbing others. The viewers can also watch a film halfway, stop it and look for another if they don’t like it.

The ifs and buts:

Although online movies offer great convenience, they do come with their drawbacks. Online movies are full of frequent advertisements that interrupt the viewer experience. Another issue with online movies is that the recent films are not available for viewership immediately after release. The quality of the video is a big aspect that becomes a significant issue while watching online movies. One may also have a great sound system at home, but it seldom matches those in theatres. The quality of experience at theatre facilities is a whole lot better than home-based systems.

People love movies. They love to watch drama, suspense, sci-fi, romance, fantasies, thrillers, and much more, and their desire to watch movies is never-ending. Every person has different tastes and preferences. Therefore, it is not appropriate to glorify any particular way of watching movies. But it can be concluded from the following arguments that online movies offer better control and comfort with some compromise of quality of experience.