Bathroom Vanity- Blow By Blow

Bathrooms are important rooms and an integral part of a house, where all personal hygiene related activities are carried out. The basic components of a toilet include a basin or a sink, used to wash the hands, a bathtub or shower for bathing purposes and a toilet. These toilets have different designs in different parts of the world. The western design being the most common one. In certain cultures, a separate room is built where the toilet is installed, away from the bathing area as it is considered insanitary or unhygienic. A couple of taps are provided in the bathrooms for the purpose of filling buckets and other washing activities. Apart from all these components, there are some others which form an important part of the bathroom vanity.

Engineering behind a bathroom setting:

Different engineering fields and techniques are applied in the setting up of a bathroom


  • Plumbing is one of the most important aspects. Water is a major commodity required for bathing, washing and other activities. Different pipes and other fittings are used to supply water.
  • Electricity supply is also important in a bathroom. While setting up the circuit and the wiring for the bathroom, care must be taken not to expose the wires. Else, the person using the bathroom can get a severe electric shock as water acts as a good electrical conductor.
  • The flooring of the bathroom must be tilted to drain away all the water and prevent it from accumulating. The tiles used too must be rough and not too smooth, else the user may slip and fall due to the water.

The lighting of the bathroom ought to be appropriate. Dull lighting should be avoided as shaving and grooming activities require bright lighting. However, too bright may not be economical and cost effective. This is why the bathroom vanity demandsa lighting with medium brightness. LED lights are widely used nowadays. The lights and wiring should also be water proof. Usually, yellow lighting is used as it provides a wonderful tinge to the skin.Interior designers putin a lot of hard work and expertise while designing a bathroom. Not only is the building part of a bathroom but the maintenance also quite important.

Nowadays, potable bathrooms are also available which are placed besides the road at regular distances. This is an important sign of social awareness, which spreads the message of cleanliness and hygiene amongst the masses. These bathrooms, however, have limited water supply and limited storage capacity as well. Personal hygiene is extremely important to live a long, healthy life. Healthy habits are the secret or the stepping stones to happiness.